Head of Engineering at Scout

Head of Engineering at Scout


πŸ“ Los Angeles, CA

πŸ’° $120k - $200k salary

πŸ₯§ 5-10% equity


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Our tech stack: React Native, Node.js, Typescript, Expo Bare, GraphQL


You're a maniacal builder. First and foremost, you love to build. Despite growing as a technical leader, you remain excited about writing code and architecting systems.

You're highly-communicative. You are or are willing to become a great communicator. You value clear priorities, documented decisions, and frequent communication with your engineering, design, and product partners.

You think like an owner. You think long-term, strive to understand the bigger picture, and never say "that's not my job."

You've owned a JS stack. You have deep experience across and JS stack and .


99% company-paid health insurance. Your health and wellness will always come first.

Two-week minimum vacation; no maximum. Escape the false promise of "unlimited vacation" with mandatory two-weeks of paid vacation each year. Work when you're charged up, rest when you're not.

Premium tech setup. M1 Mac, monitor, and whatever you need to be at your best.


We'll be your first investor. Spend 2 years at Scout and we will be your first investor if you leave to start a new company β€” guaranteed. We welcome self-starters passionate about what we're building.

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Los Angeles, CA

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