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This is not our office lmao but we do have an office
This is not our office lmao but we do have an office



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Our mission is to bring people closer through the shared language of content. We take a unique approach to doing this by building multiple products. Read more on our approach: link


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What we value

Start with existing human behavior.

For startups, aiming to completely change human behavior is a death wish. We lean in to existing human behavior β€” what products people are hacking today and what outcomes they desire β€” to inspire our products.

Start small.

Category-defining companies are built by shepherding niche behavior to the masses link. We focus on the small β€” small user groups, small markets, small behaviors β€” to unlock big opportunity.

Give a shit.

Inspired by a memo from Alexandr Wang link, we hire people that give a shit. We take pride in our craft, we care about outcomes, and we approach our work with a maniacal drive that continually raises the bar for excellence.

Be willing to fail.

Innovation generally comes after countless failures. We are not afraid to fail (in public!) and we are willing to be misunderstood. This is part of the process to innovate and to build something meaningful.


Join us to build great products, not for benefits lol. Anyways here are some benefits.

Entrepreneurial? We'll be your first investor. Build with us for at least 2 years. If you leave to start a company, we'll be your first investor.
99% paid medical insurance.
Top-notch computer and desk setup.
2-week minimum vacation; no maximum.
Flexible work schedule. You're an adult and are treated as such.

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