We’re Scout.

We’ve built and shipped 8 products and counting — all in pursuit of building the one product that meaningfully brings people together.

Like to build?

We’re always looking for great teammates. No matter your skillset, if you’re excited to build and are deeply passionate about your craft, let’s talk! Email:


A few principles guide how we communicate, hire, and build:

  1. Lead with transparency. We err on the side of over-communication.
  2. Write for clarity. We start each week with a note that brings excitement, context, and focus on the week ahead. As a remote-first team, we take documentation seriously and use it as a tool to find clarity.
  3. Open a lane. We take time to be aligned on the “why?” and “what?” behind everything we build. Once that is clear, we give each other the freedom and responsibility needed to be at our best.
  4. Lean into existing behavior. Instead of trying to change human behavior with our products, we lean into existing behavior.
  5. Ride a wave. We believe category-defining products ride a wave much larger than the product itself.


Interview with Forbes (2021)