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Work with Scout

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Head of Engineering
Head of Engineering
Sr Software Engineer, mobile
Sr Software Engineer, mobile

Who we are

At Scout, we build products that connect people through content. That may sound vague, but intentionally so. We're a bit unique in that we don't just build one product, we're building as many products as it takes to achieve our mission.

Our approach to building products is predicated on one core belief: customers don't care what you think they should want — they want what they want. Experimenting with multiple products is our way of discovering the intersection of what people want and bringing people closer together through content.

We don't claim this is the only way to build something meaningful, but it's our way. If you like building and shipping cool products, this may be a great place for you.

What we're building

We've never generated more content... Every minute:

  • Spotify adds nearly 30 songs to its library.
  • YouTube sees 500 hours of video uploaded.
  • Instagram users post over 300,000 stories.

Every minute... 🤯 As barriers to create content continue to fall, the amount of content we create will only continue to skyrocket.

Yet we feel more lonely that ever. 61% of young adults in the US report feeling lonely "often" or "nearly all the time."

We believe modern content is a powerful way to bring people together. Think of the last time you bonded with a friend over a meme, TikTok, or song. Since moving to California 5 years ago, I've mostly kept in touch with friends by sending memes. We think of today's content as a shared language and are building products that utilize that language in unique ways.

If you like shipping products, we'd love to talk. Our approach is unique in that we aren't just one product, we build multiple products that are in-line with our mission. We'll keep doing this until we find the one product that accomplishes our mission in a meaningful way. So far, we have shipped: a teaser for Scout,,, and, with two products currently in development.

We have raised $1.2 million to-date and are proud to be backed and advised by founders and executives from Nextdoor, TikTok, YouTube, Cameo, Loom and more.

We spoke with Forbes on how the metaverse is shaping the future of consumer social and our unique approach to building products


99% company-paid health insurance. Your health and wellness will always come first.

Two-week minimum vacation; no maximum. Escape the false promise of "unlimited vacation" with mandatory two-weeks of paid vacation each year. Work when you're charged up, rest when you're not.

Premium tech setup. M1 Mac, monitor, and whatever you need to be at your best.


We'll be your first investor. Spend 2 years at Scout and we will be your first investor if you leave to start a new company — guaranteed. We welcome self-starters that are passionate about improving the way people communicate as scale.



Zack Hargett Product + Design

Previously Loom, Yik Yak


Kevin Lin Software Engineer

Previously CS at USC


Karim Ismail Community & Growth Lead

Previously content creator, musician, Brown dropout


Peter Tcvetkov Software Engineer

Previously ITMO University


Hope Kim Software Engineer

Previously CS at USC; Intern at Facebook


You Software Engineer, mobile

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